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Our Little Mid Atlantic Lighthouse Book

Lighthouses were originally built to guide mariners on their journeys and to help them avoid hazards of the seas. This book focuses on the lights along the mid Atlantic coast ... the states of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. We start in Maryland just south of Washington DC on the east side of the Potomac River and travel counter-clockwise around the state. After coming up the west side of the Chesapeake Bay and through Baltimore, we then proceed south along the Chesapeake's east side. The next leg of our journey is north through Delaware into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to catch the only lighthouse in eastern Pennsylvania. We then circle through New Jersey. Each entry will give directions on finding that structure, pertinent information on it and other interesting facts about it as well as a full-page color photograph of the tower.

There is no need for a tour guide with this book in your possession. You will visit all of the towers in these states that can be accessed without inordinate expense or advanced planning. Whether you are a lighthouse aficionado who loves chasing these classic structures and or a young family on a budget who is looking for a low-cost tourist option, everyone should find something of interest in these pages. Above all, enjoy the lighthouses.

Type: Book

Language: English

Category: Travel & Guide

Publisher: Self Published

Edition: 1st, 2022

No. of Pages: 123

Binding: Paperback

Size: 9x6in

ISBN: 9798835394036

Publication ID: 2211

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