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The website

This site contains information about more than 2300 lighthouse related publications. It provides possibilities to search for any or all publications of interest. Hopefully a useful tool for those who collect lighthouse publications or  are looking for publications covering lighthouses in a specific location or by a specific author. You can search for publication titles in their original language or covering a specific lighthouse, a specific location such as a country or body of water, or publications by a specific author, etc.

Please be aware that I have not yet provided lists of contents of many lighthouse journals. It is certainly a lot of work but it is my plan to add such information in the future.

Publication types

There are many types of publications and they are organized by types, such as Books, Booklet’s, eBooks, Magazines, DVD, Maps, Documents, and more. A “Document” is usually a Report or a list of lights, etc., and the full contents are often published as PDFs that are part of or linked to on this website.


Publication contents have been categorized. This makes it possible to find information based on specific interest. Contents have been categorized such as: Childrens, Travel & Guide, Photos & Data, Ghost Stories, Technical Ref., Illustrations, Keepers Life, Lists, Magazines, Reports, Fiction, and others. A majority of publications contain not only photos and technical information but also historical information about origin, construction, the builders and other things. Such books are categorized as “Historical”.


The website currently contains publications written in 27 languages. All non-English publications have titles and content descriptions in their original language followed by an English translation.

Author information

Clicking on an Author link brings up a page with description of the author and sometimes also the contact information. Often there is also a photo of the author, but quite a few author photos and descriptions are missing at this stage. Hopefully I shall be able to add more as I continue to improve this website. Your help would certainly be appreciated. The main work so far has been focused on description of authors that have published more than one publication. Author pages provide a link that opens a list of all their work.

Publisher information

Clicking on a Publisher link brings up a page with description and contact information for the publisher. Many publisher descriptions are missing at this stage but I'm working working to add to it. The main work so far has been describing publishers that have released more than one publication. These pages also have a link button that presents a list of all their publications.


The main purpose of this website is to provide sufficient search tools so that you can find desired information qickly. Search terms can be entered in the general search field. You can narrow your search by using selectable filters. Entering “Italian” in the language filter brings up just Italian publications and adding “Italy” in the country filter results about Italian lighthouses written in Italian.

Use of keywords (Tags)

Most publications have been provided with Tags, such as names of lighthouses, places, etc. These tags have been carefully chosen to augment the publication titles where the title itself gives no clue as to what and where. For example, if a publication has a title “Light on the shore” and its content covers a lighthouse at an island in Lake Michigan, that publication has been tagged with the name of the lighthouse as well as the name of the island. Lake Michigan is the “body of water”, and Michigan is the main region. In addition, it may have a tag named "Great Lakes".

Please help adding information

I'm constantly working to improve this website’s content and I expect to add 1000-1500 publications this year . Please excuse me but there are certainly a few errors here and there. And there are at least 2000 publications missing, particularly older ones. If you find errors or missing information or want to add a new publication please get in touch. Several publications are also missing a cover image and if you can provide one, please submit it using the contact form and refer to the publication ID number.

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